Navigate Through The Calendar & Print It

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Navigate Through The Calendar & Print It

Navigate Through The Calendar & Print It

Use the arrows to navigate through the calendar, set your view as Day, Week, Month, etc. At anytime you can click the Today icon to go instantly back to today’s date. The Agenda view gives you a flat view of all your time slots and what you have during those time slots.


You can use the viewable calendar on the right hand sidebar to navigate through days and months.



Add a “Jump to Date” functionality by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Labs and enabling the

Jump to date functionality.



In the left hand Calendar panel, toggle the calendar on and off by clicking the colored box on the left of the calendar title. Hover your mouse over a calendar and an arrow appears on the right hand side.



Click on the arrow and here is where you can start changing the settings of that particular calendar, such as the color! This change the events made with that particular calendar.


The Calendar settings will bring you into a panel that allows you change the settings for a specific calendar such as the Calendar Name, and if you want to share your calendar with any specific people.


Go to the More icon to Print your current calendar preview. Remember that Google Calendar will print what it sees, that means if you are looking at a Day view it will print that, if you are looking at the Week view it will print that, etc. It will also print whichever calendars are currently viewable on your screen.


In the “Calendar Print Preview” dialogue box you do have the option to change the print range (aka the range of dates) as well as the font size (if you have a lot of words in the event titles you might want this set to smaller so that more words will fit on the page), orientation that this will be printed, and whether you want this printed in black and white or color.