My Calendar & Other Calendars

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My Calendar & Other Calendars

My Calendar & Other Calendars

In “My Calendar” you can see all your calendars, you can toggle on and off calendars and change the color coding. In “Other Calendars” you can add the calendars of co-workers, event spaces, or even bookable resources. Click the Triangle in the corner to collapse or expand any of these panels.


You may want to see only one calendar on your list if it is getting a bit cluttered, but you don’t want to delete anything, here is where toggling calendars on and off from being visible on your calendar comes in handy. By toggling, click the box next to a calendar off, it will no long be filled with the calendar color and all the events will be hidden from appearing. Click not the box to bring it right back.


If you want to add a coworker’s calendar to your “Other calendar” section so you can quickly see when they are busy and free, all you have to do is start typing their name and then select it from the drop-down menu.


This also works for resource calendars, such as if you want to see on your calendar when all the specific group of iPads such as “MS/HS iPads F211 - #1-10” is available or in use.


To get the calendar for a specific resource, click on the triangle to the right of "Other Calendars" and choose "Browse Interesting Calendars"



Click on ‘More’ at the top (beside Holidays & Sports) and click on “Resources for


If there are several resources for a type, click the '>' beside the resource type to list them all. Click ‘Subscribe’ beside each calendar you want to be available in your Other Calendars list.

It is also really easy to share a calendar with others. Click on the calendar name and choose “Share this Calendar” option.



To share a calendar with a specific person, just start typing their name in the input field and then select their name from the drop-down menu.

You can also share what permissions this person has. Do you want them to see all event details or to just see only if you are free or busy.