Understanding Calendar Events: Create & Edit

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Understanding Calendar Events: Create & Edit

Understanding Calendar Events: Create & Edit

Click the red calendar button to create an event or just click on the calendar.


This will bring you into a new calendar appointment panel.


Here I can:

  • give my event a name

  • set the date of when the date begins (it default to today’s date, but you can set any date in the calendar)

  • set the start & end time by using the slider or manually entering the time

  • you also can set whether this is an All Day event or if you want it to Repeat

  • put in the location in where (which is helpful for meetings!)

  • you can change which calendar this will go on

  • add a description (this is a useful place to put a link to any supporting documents that you want your co-workers to be able to see)

  • change the specific color of this event (this can help you visually specify a different type of event such as a meeting versus a teaching time)

  • adjust the notifications for the event


There are other ways to create events such as, in the main calendar just click on any particular time slot and click inside of it to add an event this way.


You can also hover your mouse over a specific calendar, click the arrow, and choose create an event on this calendar.



You can also use the dropdown arrow next to the create button to quickly add an event. Quick Add lets you type in an actual sentence to create an event.


You do need to put in the what, when, and (if you want) the where of an event (at or in).

Example: Meet with Linda next Thursday at 2pm



From the main calendar view, click and drag on a event to move it around your calendar or to make it longer or shorter. Click once on the event to bring up the dialogue box.


From this dialogue box you can:

  • Change the title

  • Change the color

  • Delete the event

  • Click the X on the top right-hand side to get out of the event.


Instead of single clicking and then having to click the “Edit event” button, you can hover over the title of the event. When it turns into an underline, you can click on it , and it will take you directly into the main event dialogue.