Understanding Calendar Events: Adding Co-Workers & Booking Resources

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Understanding Calendar Events: Adding Co-Workers & Booking Resources 

Understanding Calendar Events: Adding Co-Workers & Booking Resources

I can invite other people to my events which is perfect for creating meetings or anything else that involves multiple people. To invite people to the event, the first thing you need to do is to get into your event.


Once you are in the event dialogue box, look on the right side and you will see the section ”Add: Guests | Rooms, etc."


Here you can start typing the name of the person that you want to invite. You can add as many guests as you wish.


There are a few things that you can do.

  • You can click on the person icon to make the person an optional attendee (this changes the color of the icon)

  • Click on the X to remove this person from the event

  • Choose what these Guests can do

    • By default others cannot modify the event, but you can change that clicking the "modify event” checkbox

    • You can uncheck “invite others” so the guest cannot add people to the event


A great functionality when trying to schedule a meeting with one or multiple people is to use the “Find a time” tab. This will allow you to see the google calendars of those people that you invited to the event. You can compare up to 10 schedules at once to find a block of time when everyone’s available.



Another option is to add a co-workers calendar to your "Other Calendar" so you can see toggle it on and off to see how their calendar compares to yours.



When you want to add a room or a resource to any of your events or you want to book a space or resource, all you to do is to click on the “Rooms, etc.” label. Here you will see the main bookable resources which include Event spaces and the iPads. Click on the triangle to expand the list to see the particular resource. You must be booking out the iPads!!


Anything with a green square next to it means that it is available for the current time of your event. A red X means that someone else has already booked it.  If the “Show only available” checkbox is checked that means you will only see spaces and resources that are available.


Click the Add button to add it to your event. It will now show up with any other attendees at the bottom where it says Guests. You can remove it by click the X.


Any space or resource you add will automatically get added to the “Where” field of your event.