The Gear Icon & General Calendar Settings

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The Gear Icon & General Calendar Settings

The Gear Icon & General Calendar Settings

Clicking on the gear icon will let you change the Display Density which is how tight the text is displayed on the screen, you can also access the Settings and the Labs.


Go to the Gear Icon and select settings to customize your Google experience. In Settings you can see and customize the setting for:

  • your language

  • country

  • current time zone

  • date format

  • time format

  • whether you receive browser notifications

  • the default event duration

  • what day you want the week to start on

  • set your working hours

  • decide whether or not you want to show weekend in week and month view

  • what the default view is

  • location

  • whether to show weather based on location

  • show events you have declined

  • automatically add invitations to your calendar


Make sure you SAVE if you make any changes.



Google Calendar Settings is a tabbed interface, there are additional screens that give you more options. The Calendars tab allows you to set additional settings for individual calendars. The Labs tab is experimental software that can add additional functionality to your calendar, such as the “Jump to Date” function.