Notifications & Alarms
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Notifications and Alarms

Notifications and Alarms

Notifications and Alarms

You can be notified when your upcoming meetings and events are. In fact, you have several choices. You can be notified by email message or pop-ups while on the Google Calendar website itself.


You can set and adjust each individual calendar entry and you can also change the default for every one of them.


So if you double click to get into a calendar entry and scroll to the bottom you can see your “Notifications" setting right below the “Event color”.

The changes you make on your computer also affect your mobile notifications. For example, if you choose a notification for 60 minutes before on your computer, you'll also get a notification on your phone 60 minutes before your event.


When you have a notification, the drop down menu allows you to change what time of notification, whether an email or notification, which means a pop-up reminder. You can change the time from minutes, hours, days, or weeks. And you can also add multiple notifications.


You can always delete any of these notifications by clicking on the X, just make sure you SAVE any changes that you make.


To change the default notification for events in one particular calendar, enter that “Calendar settings” by hovering over the event on the left-hand side and clicking into that calendar to get to the option for “Calendar settings” or for “Edit notifications".



If you click into the “Calendar settings” go to the "Edit notifications” panel.

If you clicked on “Edit notifications” you will be taken straight to the panel. Here is where your default notifications occur for both regular events and all-day events. If you want to remove any notifications, just click “remove”. You can also adjust or add any notifications. These changes will be the default setting for any newly created events. Just make sure you click SAVE.


A nice little feature is under the “Choose how you would like to be kept up-to-date” section where if you click the checkbox next to the “Daily agenda” option you will be emailed with your agenda at 5 am each day. This is a useful feature if you are a person who checks your email first thing in the morning and you want a listing of everything happening that day.