Appointment Slots

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Appointment Slots

Appointment Slots

Is a feature that allows you to have bookable slots of time. Appoint Slots is the ability to let other people book an appointment directly in your Google Calendar form a time frame that you specify.

People can come in and book appointments themselves on the calendar right through the web. If you are setting up one-on-one meetings with a group of students this could be a great way to plan it out and get them to sign up themselves.


Click and drag on the calendar for the time range or set the time range in the “Edit details” dialogue box.

Set what the appointment slot is, such as “One-on-One Check-In” and select the type. Whether this is a single appointment slot or if there are slots within this block of time. The grid icon denotes an appointment.



Click on the “Edit details” to bring up the dialogue box. Here is where you will find the link that you can send to anybody that needs it to book their appointment.