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Design Project – Color Temperature Poster

Student Work Example

Student Work Example

Project Description

Students explore the concept of color temperature with a fun project where they pick a “temperature” word or saying, create a color palette, and create a poster that reflects that expresses that temperature.

Related Standards

  • ISTE: Creativity and Innovation
  • ISTE: Communication and Collaboration
  • ISTE: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

Project Steps

This unit began with an introduction to color and a short exercise in creating a color palette to express a mood or feeling using color theory principles. Each student looked through a curated packet of information which presented infographics about how color is culturally viewed, how color is used in branding, and in advertising.

We then delved deeper in to the idea of color by reviewing the concept of color temperature and how a color being warm or cool may be relative to its surrounding colors. Each student picked a word or saying and created a color palette with 3 to 5 colors that expressed that “temperature.” Students then watched the tutorial video and template to create their poster using the tools in Illustrator to create the visual elements of their poster. The project culminated in a class presentation and critique of the student’s work.

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Poster Project Exemplar

Temp+Text_Color Temperature EXEMPLAR

Project Tutorial