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Design Project – Get Positive (and a Bit Negative) Poster


Student Work Example

Project Description

Students created a poster that dealt with form and design elements. Students choose one main principle of graphic design to concentrate on and two sheets of different colored paper to create their poster.

Students pinned their work to a wall with a “Title This” document next to it for an interactive class critique. The whole class then had a gallery walk where they had to respond to the work and title the piece to capture the feeling it evokes for them as viewers.

We finished with a class discussion on process, intent, final product, and interpretation by the viewer.

Project was inspired from the book A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design.

Related Standards

  • ISTE: Creativity and Innovation
  • ISTE: Communication and Collaboration
  • ISTE: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

Project Steps

As a class we reviewed the principles and elements of design. Students then picked one Basic Principle of Graphic Design and received their project cheat-sheet. They got a post-it & wrote them down on it for reference and to put above their work when it was time to display. Taking two sheets of different colored paper each student had to cut one sheet into six separate rectangles (any size) and glue the shapes onto the other sheet of paper in any way they wanted. They were allowed to overlap the rectangles or have some not touch at all. When finished they put their work, the post-it, and the Title This response paper on the wall for the gallery walk.

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Gallery Walk