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Design Project – Pairing Personality Fonts Poster

Student Work Example

Student Work Example

Project Description

Students are introduced to the art of typography in this project. This is an exploration of pairing fonts to personality attributes and their visual relation to each other. Students use two personality traits that epitomize themselves and pair those with a silhouette to start exploring typography and its intersection with design.

Related Standards

  • ISTE: Creativity and Innovation
  • ISTE: Communication and Collaboration
  • ISTE: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

Project Steps

In this project students began their journey into typography being introduced to the idea of typography. What is this? It is the art or process of setting, arranging, and designing type and it is everywhere! After a overview of typography and a brief history, students then went off and play a Typography game on the iPad. This app allows students to explore the history of typography through a game (read a review from Fast Company). They also had a chance to explore online Type lessons to further their understanding.

In the next class, we then reviewed the idea of alignment and how typefaces can represent certain personality attributes. Students were introduced to the project and began by filling out a brainstorming document before moving on to watch the tutorial and download the project template.

Using two of their personality traits, students picked fonts that represented these traits and paired them together along with a silhouette in Illustrator. The project constraints were that they were only allowed to use two fonts, black and white, they had to place the silhouette somewhere in their design, and they had to make a minimum of two versions. We then finished with a class share and critique.

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Project Tutorial

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