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Photography Project – Photoshop Battle


Student Work Example

Project Description

This project was designed as a fun competitive exercise to get students introduced to Adobe Photoshop and the art of “Photoshopping”. All students were given the same source file of the photo of the cat that caused an epic, online Photoshop battle. Project was differentiated with additional support for students who were coming to the class with no experience or had experience using this application.

Project Steps

Students were challenged to creatively Photoshop and manipulate the image of the cat photo in some humorous (but school appropriate) fashion. Beginner students were tasked with watching the Photoshop tutorials & the project tutorial video, while more advanced students only watched the project tutorial video.

As a class we voted on who reigns supreme in the Photoshop Battle!! With the winner getting a small prize and accolades.

Related Standards
  • ISTE: Creativity and Innovation
  • ISTE: Communication and Collaboration
  • ISTE: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Decision Making

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Photoshop Battle Tutorial