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Video Production Lessons & Projects

This Video Production course has been developed with a UbD framework and project-based methodology. Skills are taught via a blended learning platform and hands-on experience. There is a high level of collaboration and group work and an emphasis on visible thinking methods and critique.
Take a look below for some examples of lessons & projects.

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Stop-Motion & Claymation

Students are introduced to video as an artistic and visual language through stop-motion animation. They learn about stop-motion and then view/analyze a few examples. They then craft an idea for their own animation, working either individually or in small groups. Students experiment with using the stop-motion technique to create a simple two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional animation that communicates an idea or story.
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Scene Remake

This project is used to introduce students to the basic shot compositions used in video and films, as well basic editing concepts. Through the process of deconstructing and reconstructing a chosen scene, students  learn how to create a basic script, storyboard their shots, use the vocabulary of video production, learn how to organize their workflow, scout locations, and the basics of video editing with iMovie. The project culminated with a class critique.
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Book Trailer

In this project students worked in small groups to create a book trailer with an original score. Students were instructed to create a trailer that would act as a brief video synopsis that was designed to entice viewers to see the read the book. The project necessitated students call upon their knowledge of shot compositions, storyboarding, editing, and collaboration in order to produce the final video. The project culminated with a class screening and critique.
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Video Composition

This project was designed as a quick challenge for students to think about compositional elements and framing in the video context. Students were re-familiarized with shot compositions and framing techniques and then form small groups. As a group they were tasked with using the compositional element “Rule of Thirds” to shoot at least five different shot frames that illustrated a chosen color and feeling.
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Thumbnail-HolidayVideoVideo Holiday Card

Students explored using the concepts they had learned to create a stop-motion holiday video. They were instructed to think about composition, elements of photography, typography, color, and overall look and feel of their work.
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About Me Video

An introductory project to the Video Production class. This project is coupled with introducing the concept of storyboarding and gaining basic editing skills. Students are challenged to create a short video introducing themselves to the class. The project culminated with a class screening and critique.
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Thumbnail-IttenItten’s Color Contrasts

This project acts as a means for students to visually share their learning. Students create a video to explain one of Itten’s Color Contrasts. Each group produces three artifacts to include in their video; written, existing visual artifact, and a created visual artifact.
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Frame It! with Composition

This project is in conjunction with teachings students how to “see.” As a class, we learn the basic video shots and compositional elements. Student are tasked to go out in teams to find these ideas and film them to create a concrete visual expression of these concepts.
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